eSante® Solutions Platform

The capabilities we develop empower us to deliver better solutions faster. Each capability delivers tailored functionality to solve specific challenges we see in supporting our current and potential customers and partners.

Our platform approach ensures a cohesive suite of capabilities empowering enterprise solution delivery within complex and evolving ecosystems, and enabling critical interoperability requirements such as single sign-on, API integrations, serverless architecture, and scalable cloud technologies. eSante® is as much a methodology as it is a technology platform, focusing our solutions on integrated but modular solution delivery in an ever-changing health, human services, and security landscape.

Interoperability Accelerators

Innovative applications that accelerate the adoption, utilization, and efficacy of health information exchanges

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Technologies

Leveraging cloud-enabled artificial intelligence and machine learning models to provide scale and efficiency to decision-making, governance, and solution delivery

Engagement Solutions

BPO and CRM technologies that empower the beneficiaries and recipients of critical services

  • Support
  • Mobility
  • Machine
  • Compliance
  • Artificial
  • DevOps
  • Agile
  • Security
  • Integration