Rapid COVID-19 Response

Technology Solutions to Support Virus Management

The COVID-19 pandemic demands that Federal and State agencies respond quickly to emerging and evolving needs of American citizens. Government programs are having to stand up customer-facing solutions that are providing COVID-19 relief to small businesses, veterans, and nonprofits to name a few.

COVID-19 Clinical Guidelines Dissemination and Implementation

With an accelerated, standardized approach, health organizations can quickly distill evolving clinical guidance and effectively disseminate and implement information to effectively triage and treat suspected COVID-19 cases.

Clinical Data Interoperability to Support Pandemic Management

Existing health data interoperability can enable timely, accurate, and comprehensive COVID-19 medical decisions. Learn more about using data to improve pandemic-related health outcomes.

Increasing Bed Capacity with Rapidly Deployable Temporary Hospitals

As COVID-19 cases increase, hospitals continually struggle with capacity to accommodate nob-COVID-patients in need of care. Rapidly deployable hospital facilities can be erected in 4 weeks to serve the more immediate need facing States across the country.

Transitioning to a Remote Workforce in 5 Days or Less

Rapid implementation of customer support solutions remains critical during this time. Learn how to transition your workforce to remote status in as little as 3 days with zero productivity loss.

Contact Center Surge Support for COVID-19 Relief Programs

Scalable capacity for contact centers in need of rapid increases in CSR staff means having the process-driven operations, experienced recruiting and reliable infrastructure to add up to hundreds of new staff in a matter of days. Learn how to implement onsite or virtual, large-scale expansion in as little as three days.

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