We strengthen healthcare delivery through interoperability and maximizing the efficacy of data across local, regional, state, and national health information exchanges (HIE); interoperability solutions; social determinants of health; and population health analytics. Our eSante® Platform expands enterprise healthcare delivery capability and extensibility across disparate and evolving systems so that clinical data is securely exchanged, meaningful information is gleaned from aggregated data, outcome-based measures are applied, and overarching privacy protection is at the center of healthcare modernization.


Data Standards and Ontologies

API Integration Services

Health Information Exchange

Interoperability Solutions

Cognosante develops tools, solutions, and implementation methodologies that extend the value of an interoperable environment. We are focused on the value created with health information exchange at its core, supported by HIE accelerators that maximize the value created through the collection, aggregation, correlation, and presentation of healthcare-related data. Through tailored and purposeful research and development, ongoing collaboration with our technology partners, and a commitment to continual innovation, we develop and implement solutions that help our customers achieve clear and direct benefits. By bringing additional functionality to out-of-the-box solutions, we can measurably improve adoption, use, efficacy, and outcomes based on an effective HIE strategy.

Our eSante Platform ensures rapid and seamless integration with existing enterprise systems. eSante focuses on critical domains where HIE requires meaningful business value acceleration, including provider outreach, provider adoption, patient-centricity, virtual health integration, claims data integration, and data visualization.

Key features:

  • Demonstration of population health analysis, expenditure, and other key metrics for Medicaid and other cohort decision support dashboards
  • Care coordination workflows that keep a unified care team in sync on the delivery of services to Medicaid recipients
  • Medicaid-specific extensions to core HIE functions, such as Master Patient Index and provider registry
  • Cohort build, deidentify, and cohort data study and analysis in support of Medicaid population health studies
  • HIE adoption and usage dashboards to enable focus on outreach activities by geography

Securing Sensitive Data and Systems in the Cloud

Security must be the foundation of any large government cloud project. Fortunately, today’s cloud-based environments are more secure than on-premises data centers. Agencies looking to benefit from cloud technology can do so with the confidence that sensitive data will be protected, in accordance with the highest Federal standards of security and privacy. The current challenge […]

Operationalizing the Interoperability Work of the DaVinci Project

Cognosante’s experts in standards development are helping advance the goals of interoperability by ensuring that all the connections are in place for data to get from place to place with the correct contextual understanding. Our technologists are looking to the future and thinking about how advances in things like machine learning can help us gain value from the mountain of data we receive. Our privacy experts are ensuring […]

Expert Insights: Applying Cognosante Interoperability Innovations to Healthcare

In today’s digital world, organizations have vast amounts of data at their fingertips. This is especially true in the healthcare industry, which over the last 20 years has evolved from a disjointed paper-based system into one with continually evolving and improving data interoperability.   Clinical data,   claims data, administrative data, and information collected through smartphones and other personal medical devices are […]

Ensuring Patient Privacy in an Interoperable World

Interoperability requires a holistic approach. For the American health care system to reap the benefits of full health information exchange, solution providers must apply our expertise to every aspect of data transmission. Proven by our involvement with the Da Vinci Project, we are committed to infusing data protection into the development of data standards to ensure privacy concerns are assessed early and often. We also ensure that patients and organizations can trust that the data being shared […]

Advancing Beyond Connectivity in the Digital Age

Earlier this year, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the release of two final rules to promote safe, secure access to patient health data. These rules implement key provisions of the 21st Century Cures Act. Specifically, they give individuals greater control over their healthcare data, promote the use of smartphone applications, and […]

Data Sharing to Improve Patient Experience

Achieving a fully interoperable healthcare system requires solving complex data challenges. As a founding member of the Da Vinci Project, Cognosante works with industry partners to build the foundation for smooth and safe movement of patient data throughout the healthcare system.   Currently, the Da Vinci Project team is working to enable prior authorization review and approval in […]