Meet the Analysts: Natalie Tucker

Tell us about yourself, Natalie, and why you decided to pursue an internship with Cognosante?

I‚Äôm currently a senior at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in Decision Science with minors in Business Administration and Psychology, with a planned graduation date of May 2021.¬† Outside of work, I enjoy learning about social media marketing and analytics through my personal accounts, including my own lifestyle and fashion social media channels. I‚Äôm also very active on my university campus, and hold student positions, including assisting the university’s Alumni Relations department as a Highland Ambassador.

My story of becoming a Summer Analyst at Cognosante is a little unusual. After spending the Summer interning at Cognosante during 2020, I enjoyed it so much that I applied and accepted a permanent part-time position in my final year as an undergrad. So, I’m currently working at Cognosante, and building on the skills I gained as an intern.

I wanted to work for Cognosante because of the warm and welcoming environment the company has to offer, even with the position being remote. In my Summer Analyst role, I supported Cognosante’s¬†Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) team and managed communications to over 600 new remote hires at our customers‚Äô contact centers around the country. I also worked on a project with the Marketing Communications team to help redesign the employee rewards and recognition programs.

What’s next for you after your internship, and how did your experience as a Summer Analyst prepare you for your career?

After graduation, I hope to apply the knowledge and skills I’ve gained at Cognosante in both HR and Marketing Communications to a career. I’m particularly interested in exploring more about Marketing Communications.

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