Program Spotlight: Joint Trauma Analysis and Prevention of Injury in Combat (JTAPIC)

We met with Gene Fober,¬†Project Manager¬†and Aaron Sawyer,¬†Director, Healthcare Consulting¬†to learn how JTAPIC supports Department of Defense (DoD) efforts to expose combat vulnerabilities and improve tactics‚ÄĒall through the power of data. 1. What is JTAPIC, and why is it important to the Military? Sawyer: JTAPIC leverages data to improve understanding of threat vulnerabilities, and enables […]

The 2020 Census and How Cognosante Plays a Role

We met with Israel E. Chavez,¬†Program Manager¬†from Civilian’s Black Turtle Services (BTS) group, to gather insight on our work in support of the 2020 Census. As a key component to how our nation’s communities are supported by government programs and funding, the Census is¬†required every 10 years and provides a population count of every person […]

From Internship to Full-time Hire: Career Growth at Cognosante

We met with Michael Nguyen,¬†Full Stack Developer¬†to learn more about his experience as an intern and how it resulted in a full-time position at Cognosante. 1. How did you first hear about Cognosante and what made you decide to intern with us? I first heard about Cognosante from a summer internship job posting on LinkedIn […]

June Quality Performance Metrics

Congratulations, Performance Center and Program Staff on the following Quality Performance Scores in June:   Quality Objective 1: Client facing project governance activities are conducted according to policy. Target:¬†98% of reviews are completed as planned. Actual:¬†We met this objective at 100%!   Quality Objective 2: Action plans are in place for projects in red status. […]

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