Making the world more fashionable

Shonda Stroud Ali-Shamaa

Project Manager

As a Project Manager for Cognosante, Shonda Stroud Ali-Shamaa spends her workdays making sure every project progresses smoothly and with precision. In her free time, the native Arkansan shows off a slightly more creative side as a women’s clothing designer.

She named the clothing line Love ROCS, drawing from the first initials of her family’s names: RahShonda (her daughter), Omar (her husband), Chris (her son), and her own. In addition to designing the garments, Shonda also constructs and personally delivers every piece of clothing.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have participated in several local fashion shows, including Little Rock Fashion Week, where I was named Clothing Line of the Year,” Shonda says. “I was recently honored at the Arkansas Designer’s Choice Fashion Preview and have participated in both Oklahoma Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week multiple times.”