Daniel Brandsdorfer

Name: Daniel Brandsdorfer

School: Georgia Institute of Technology

Year in School: Rising Senior

Major: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Finance

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD

What are your hobbies/interests/passions? Playing the saxophone and baseball.

What is a fun fact about yourself? I have an invention that I patented while I was in high school.

What department are you interning with? The Contracts Department.

Briefly describe what you will be doing: Analyzing Cognosante’s contracts and subcontracts throughout this summer.

What drew you to this position at Cognosante? The idea that I can gain experience within the field that I want to continue pursuing a career in at such an early age, and make a difference within said field.

What are you most excited to learn this summer? Everything. I know that being in the Contracts department I will be working alongside multiple other business units, so I am excited to see and learn more about what I will be doing throughout this internship.