Dakota Cifrodelli

Name: Dakota Cifrodelli

School: Rochester Institute of Technology

Year in School: 4

Major: Management Information Systems

Hometown: Montgomery, NJ

What are your hobbies/interests/passions?: I enjoy being outdoors. My favorite hobbies are mountain biking, snowboarding, and rock climbing. I am looking forward to going white water rafting this summer!

What is a fun fact about yourself?: When I was touring colleges, I got the opportunity to climb an ice wall in Vermont. I have also been cliff diving in Mexico!

What department are you interning with?: I am very excited to be interning with the Performance Center this summer!

Briefly describe what you will be doing: I will be working with the performance department to ensure that the SharePoint sites and the Business Intelligence systems are functioning as intended.

What drew you to this position at Cognosante? I was drawn to Cognosante because I wanted to help people. I decided on this position because I love working with data and I wanted to be able to use data to help others!

What are you most excited to learn this summer? I am most excited to learn about how Cognosante works to improve healthcare.