Caring for animals

Colleen Thomas

Production/Operations Support Analyst

In 2015, Colleen began volunteering at Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue (MTBR) in Brentwood, TN; an organization dedicated to rehoming boxer rescues. Colleen started following the organization after adopting her first boxer puppy, Egypt, and began volunteering when she decided to foster a two-year-old boxer named Brandon Prince. Colleen said that she is always willing to foster when needed, as Egypt and Brandon make great foster siblings.

As part of her work with MTBR, Colleen fosters senior dogs, as well as special-needs boxers who are blind, deaf, or injured. Along with fostering boxers, Colleen helps with fundraising and participates in adoption events throughout the year. She states at times it can be very sad due to the condition some of the dogs are in when they first come to MTBR. However, Colleen describes volunteering with the rescue organization as rewarding because she gets to see the positive changes fosters and volunteers make in the lives of dogs, and the wonderful changes the dogs make in the lives of their new families.

Volunteering with Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue has made Colleen an advocate of the mantra “Adopt Don’t Shop.” She has realized that there are many wonderful dogs out there and in her role with MTBR, she gets to help find them loving new homes.