Creating cinematic art

Ajay Bhattarai

Case Analyst IV

Born in Nepal, Ajay Bhattarai, a case analyst IV for Cognosante, produces Nepali movies and music videos. A graduate of Towson University’s Department of Electronic Media and Film, Ajay has produced six full-length Nepali films and has been honored as the prime Nepali movie distributor in the United States by the Nepali Film Producers Association.

Ajay initially honed his skills by making short films for Nepali music and cover songs before eventually moving to feature films. He has also helped introduce Nepali movies to the United States via multiplex theaters, achieving many milestones for the industry. Ajay’s films have been screened in over 50 cities in the United States, Nepal, and Australia. Currently, he is working on a script with his team and is scheduled to make his directorial debut this year.