Project Management

Project Management

Effective Project Management: eSante Project Advantage®

Effective Project Management: eSante Project Advantage™

Cognosante believes that effective project management is critical to project success. We follow a defined management methodology for meeting timelines and expectations with minimal scope changes through our dedication to project management, communications, and a team-like relationship with the state agencies, the system developers, and other project stakeholders. Cognosante draws upon PMBOK® and Medicaid and healthcare standards as best practices to provide clients with a proven project management methodology, which ensures thorough management oversight.

Use of an experienced Project Management Office (PMO) can address frequently occurring top project concerns, such as:

  • Lack of project management expertise
  • Staff lack the experience necessary to successfully complete projects
  • Executive sponsorship and involvement is not obtained

Cognosante has the PMO experience to deliver customer success. We employ eSante Project Advantage®, which was developed and enhanced from experience on multiple HHS projects. All Cognosante project manager professionals are PMP certified. Cognosante teams are composed of experienced staff for all necessary project activities, and we skillfully integrate our staff with state staff for a well-rounded team.

Design, development, and implementation (DDI) support

States have typically formed DDI project teams by tapping talent from within the organization, often at the expense of operational units that support day-to-day business. Strained budgets and limited depth within state organizations have resulted in hiring limitations, while at the same time, multiple healthcare initiatives are demanding increased staff attention. These types of challenges have forced states to be creative and consider different strategies for managing large projects.

Cognosante combines hands-on experience and proven industry-standard methodologies to reduce risk, increase probability of success, and bring the optimal value to projects. The Cognosante DDI project team will include—at a minimum—strong executive leadership and project management expertise in multiple functional areas, as well as subject-matter experts who can effectively represent the organization’s business and IT needs.

Start with the right team

The most important factor in determining the outcome of any complex IT project is the DDI team, so don’t just fill in your organizational chart with whoever is available—build a team that cultivates success. Forming a DDI team for a healthcare project may seem to require a similar process to that which is used for most state IT projects, yet the process must be more in-depth, since specific expertise is required. The size, complexity, and risk associated with large healthcare IT projects such as Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS), Integrated Eligibility Systems (IES), and State Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) require a much higher level of detailed planning and creativity.

Start with the right team

A comprehensive approach to system certification

A comprehensive approach to system certification

We are an industry leader in the MMIS certification process. We supported CMS as the sole contractor in the MMIS Certification Manual update, as well as the development of the Medicaid Enterprise Certification Toolkit (MECT). We have actively participated in certifications in several states under the new MECT checklists, including assisting states piloting the latest MECT revisions. From this vantage point, we have a uniquely comprehensive understanding of how Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) wants states to implement the new certification protocols, checklists, and templates.

Why choose Cognosante?

By selecting Cognosante, you will gain a team that has a track record of success in HHS and MMIS replacement. Reduce the risk involved in complex projects by taking advantage of Cognosante’s professional project management, offering PMO and DDI support services bolstered by specific subject-matter expertise, tools, templates, and maximum flexibility.

Project management office and design, development, & implementation support

Bruce Dunham

“Cognosante provides PMO and DDI support services bolstered by specific subject matter expertise, tools, templates, and maximum flexibility.”

Bruce Dunham | Program Director
Cognosante Health Consulting Services

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