Health & Human Services IT consulting expertise for state agencies

Health & Human Services IT consulting expertise for state agencies

Health & Human Services (HHS) agencies are focused on implementing modern information technologies that support rapidly changing program needs. Now more than ever, these agencies are moving away from legacy, stove-piped systems that support single programs. Today, states are focused on the “Enterprise,” procuring and implementing service-oriented architectures and modular solutions that maximize state agency flexibility and help them react to changes in program policy and populations, as well as state and Federal mandates.

Cognosante Consulting works with our state customers to plan, procure, and implement modern HHS and Medicaid Information Technology (IT) solutions. Our consultants help our customers manage their IT projects, ensuring that all tasks are completed on schedule, on budget, and in compliance with state and Federal mandates. We are inspired by the mission of HHS programs to support the health and independence of their citizens. We strongly believe that successful IT projects contribute to the success of state health and human services programs—after all, that is our passion, and why we are in business.

IT and subject matter expertise support for HHS programs

We provide our state customers with IT professionals and industry experts known for developing innovative approaches and managing a range of complex state health and human services IT systems. HHS programs and systems expertise include:


eSante Project Advantage®

Delivering results for HHS and Medicaid systems

Our mission is to help HHS agencies envision and transform their systems. eSante Project Advantage® is a framework of six Practice Domains that give HHS and Medicaid organizations an advantage by guiding your IT-enabled change initiatives.

eSante Project Advantage® follows industry-standard processes and focuses on four basic project management objectives which provide for the implementation and standardization of project control methods, procedures, and other project management best practices:

  • High-Quality Work: Deliver high-quality products that address state objectives and organizational goals and meet end user requirements
  • Proactive Management: Identify potential problems before they develop and initiate appropriate mitigation strategies or corrective actions
  • On-Time Delivery Within Budget: Complete project activities on schedule and within budget
  • Effective Communication: Communicate accurately and in a timely manner to project participants and stakeholders throughout the entire project life cycle


eSante Project Advantage® is highly configurable and can be tailored to align with any state’s activities. Though each of the practice domains targets specific objectives, they were originally developed for integrated use and depend on your organizational focus and needs. Whether you want to start with one Project Advantage domain or extend them across your entire HHS organization, Cognosante has the right-sized methodology to fit your immediate needs and grow with you over time.

Appraised at Maturity Level III for Services

Appraised at Maturity Level III for Services

Cognosante is appraised at Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) Maturity Level 3 for Services by the CMMI Institute. The appraisal, conducted by a licensed partner of the CMMI® Institute, assessed Cognosante’s Service Delivery standards, processes and policies, in addition to the Organizational Conflict of Interest Assessment and Mitigation policy. Achieving Maturity Level 3 for Services confirms Cognosante’s standards, processes, and policies are mature, instituted and continuously reviewed for process improvement opportunities. This places Cognosante into an elite group of approximately 50 organizations throughout the United States with published appraisal ratings at CMMI® Maturity Level 3 in both Development and Services.

The six practice domains include:

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