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Maximize the value of the cloud and improve mission continuity

Government organizations realize the benefits of a cloud environment, like reduced IT costs and other resources, increased capacity that can scale up or down as the business requires, and the rapid deployment of applications across the enterprise. A secure cloud environment improves mission continuity, modernizes IT services delivery, and enhances an organization’s security posture through consolidation.

The challenge is selecting a trusted, experienced partner to deliver and manage the migration securely and effectively.

Cognosante’s cloud strategy helps customers maximize the value of the cloud by leading with innovation, managing security risks, building for compliance, and remaining mission-focused. We bring a mature cloud framework—Cognosante Cloud Foundations—to customer programs, experience in delivering at scale for large organizations, and a deep understanding of commercial and government cloud technology. Learn more about our Cognosante Cloud Foundations Framework

Cognosante Cloud Foundations – A Repeatable and Scalable Model for Success

Cognosante Cloud Foundations is the result of our experience migrating existing solutions, developing new capabilities, evolving cloud hosted solutions, governing cloud strategy, and operating a complex set of cloud workloads. Our methodology delivers across five proven, strategic cloud tenets: Cloud Govern, Cloud Migrate, Cloud Evolve, Cloud Develop, and Cloud Operate.  Using this approach, we’ve migrated legacy applications and developed/deployed new solutions to cloud environments for multiple Federal and state agencies.

Our approach empowers our customers to:

  • Deliver business solutions faster and more efficiently without sacrificing compliance
  • Reduce IT expenditures, benefitting from the scale of Cloud Solution Providers (CSP)
  • Increase resiliency, agility, and elasticity for operational workloads supporting varying user populations.
  • Empower innovation by leveraging emerging cloud capabilities, and better deliver on their missions.

Learn more about our Cognosante Cloud Foundations Framework

Cloud Expertise and Technology Partners

Cognosante has migrated legacy applications and deployed new solutions to cloud environments for multiple Federal and state agencies. We bring best in class technology partners, and products; combined with expertise in both government and commercial cloud to solve our customers’ problems. Agnostic-neutral to each customer challenge, e we leverage our established partner relationships with Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM to deliver the optimal solution.

Our Systems Approach to Cloud

“Gall’s law states that a complex system that works, and complex systems that work well together, invariably evolved from simple systems that worked. With cloud technology, today more than ever, we have the building blocks to create simple and efficient systems, and ultimately build well-engineered, complex systems. At Cognosante, we make cloud work well: from hosting, to migrations, to native cloud development, to microservices, and serverless design.”

Driving Successful Government Cloud Initiatives with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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