eSante® Platform

eSante® Platform

eSante: A proven platform for more effective health IT

All Cognosante solution-based offerings are developed and delivered as part of our proven eSante® Platform. Our platform approach ensures enterprise capability and extensibility within heterogeneous ecosystems, affording our solutions the ability to deliver capabilities alongside other technologies and solutions, leveraging core components such as single sign-on, portalization, and scalable hosting frameworks. Our platform also provides a modular approach that meets business requirements and includes standards-based application program interface (APIs) to ensure efficient access to underlying data and business functions. eSante® is as much a methodology as it is a technology platform, focusing our solutions on integrated but modular healthcare delivery in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

eSante: A proven platform for more effective health IT


We provide physicians with aggregated patient information (clinical and claims) at the point of care and as part of eSante® health interoperability services. As healthcare data volume and complexity increase, we provide clarity on what is relevant for care providers.


We deliver advanced data visualization and analytics for decision support. Clinical, financial, and demographic healthcare data is presented to empower decision makers with insights and real-time actionable information.


We offer real-time patient information to providers and care delivery organizations for admissions, discharges, or transfers in a care delivery setting. This entry-level health interoperability service streamlines communications and informs coordinated care providers of updates via an alert system.


Our core health interoperability platform connects a delivery network, state, or region through a federated health data environment. The eSante® platform offers a foundation for data navigation, data aggregation, consent management, composite health records, clinical viewers, and data visualization tools.

Cloud Hosting

We deliver solutions through Amazon or Microsoft Azure cloud, offered as public or government solutions (AWS GovCloud or Microsoft Azure Government). We deliver more than cloud hosting, having embraced modern cloud offerings such as full SaaS (Software as a Service), containerization, multitenancy, and managed services.


We are experts in and comply with government and industry data privacy and security regulations for protecting medical information. The eSante® platform can meet or exceed all HIPAA and FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) requirements for secure solution delivery.


DevOps delivery strengthens our approach to deliver agile automation, advanced communication, continual build, continual integration, and rapid deployment. We augment DevOps with RunOps, delivering operational and managed solutions in highly secure and available cloud environments. As healthcare continues to change, our customers must be more agile, and we must deliver quality results with predictable speed and efficiency.


This consumer-focused healthcare case management solution tailors traditional CRM for health systems and healthcare consumers through advanced case handling, improved case-handling times, and increased consumer satisfaction. We engage consumers through a 360-degree approach that offers a holistic view into various systems, services, and solutions.


Identity powers our core security offerings and is integrated across the entire eSante platform. Single-sign on (SSO) is provided to enable seamless interaction across our platform through modern security standards like SAML and OpenID. Identity also interoperates in customer environments with third-party identity providers, such as electronic health record systems.


The eSante® platform operates as part of a larger ecosystem of solutions. Examples include enGage360® integration with legacy green-screen state eligibility applications; integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) profile integration with hospital systems for clinical data, SAML, and OpenID SSO; and third-party integrations such as LexisNexis for identity proofing.


Our solutions are built with a “mobile first” mentality and technologies to support responsive design, mobile user experience, secure mobile access, and touch device capabilities. Examples include Facebook React responsive user interface, mobile device management, digital touch signatures, and mobile location tracking.


This comprehensive SaaS solution enables provider engagement, enrollment, and screening. Offering end-to-end automation, eSante® Provider® helps Medicaid agencies comply with Federal regulations regarding managed care, program integrity, and modular Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) solutions.


Security is rooted in the entire makeup of the eSante® platform. From HIPAA compliance to FedRAMP hosting, our platform uses a standardized approach that exceeds basic requirements for privacy and control of protected health information and personally identifiable information.

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