Cognosante helps uninsured enroll for health coverage under ACA

Context: The roll-out of Affordable Care Act (ACA) technology systems were unprecedented in size, complexity, and scope. It was also necessary to plan and staff the on-the-ground, in-person outreach necessary to ensure broad participation in the health insurance marketplace, especially in Federally Facilitated Marketplace states. Yet the Americans most at risk of being uninsured may require access to in-person resources since they often have limited English proficiency (LEP), limited computer skills and internet access, or are often intimidated by the enrollment process itself. 

Challenge: To quickly and efficiently assist eligible consumers enroll in marketplace health insurance

Innovative Solution: Possessing deep expertise in public and private health insurance operations, as well as local healthcare enrollment processes, Cognosante quickly proposed and executed an innovative approach to consumer enrollment support that combined a mobile workforce, sophisticated data analytics, and grass-roots advocacy and outreach. 

Cognosante initially used demographic data to identify and target key geographical regions in Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, and subsequently launched a campaign consisting of thousands of individual outreach events to reach those consumers least likely to seek coverage under ACA. Cognosante was able to break down the barriers to health insurance enrollment by developing strong and lasting partnerships with trusted local community groups and employers, offering in-person assistance and multilingual support to consumers in mobile and temporary locations, and conducting group information orientations combined with one-on-one enrollment sessions. A knowledge library was also created to empower Help Desk agents to correctly handle or redirect inquiries as appropriate.  

Tangible Result: Cognosante’s assisters helped hundreds of thousands of consumers understand the various insurance affordability programs, benefit coverage structures, and the ways they could apply for and enroll in Qualified Health Plans (QHPs). As a result, thousands of previously uninsured consumers enrolled in and received healthcare coverage through a QHP.



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