Leveraging the AWS Cloud Infrastructure in Support of the VA

November 14, 2019

Cognosante is proud to announce its entrance into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Partner Program.

The Public Sector Partner Program recognizes and collaborates with partners that offer solutions and proven experience delivering on government, education, and non-profit organizational missions. Cognosante was welcomed into the ‘government’ area of the program after exhibiting excellence in solution delivery that leverages the power of the AWS platform and demonstrating customer satisfaction when deploying cloud solutions to critical government challenges. In exchange, the AWS Public Sector Partner Program helps partners accelerate their AWS public sector business portfolios.

“AWS provides the underlying services that allow us to innovate rapidly, reduce complexity, and scale on demand. Better meeting the needs of our public sector customers and helping maximize their investments in IT and cloud is enabling digital transformations at a time when so many government programs want to take advantage of this paradigm shift,” said Ben Grafton, VP of Cognosante’s Cloud practice.

With the establishment of its Cloud practice in 2015, Cognosante’s office of the CTO has invested strategically in team resources that are skilled in showcasing the flexibility and security of AWS-based solutions inside government environments. To date, Cognosante, using AWS GovCloud, has helped migrate dated electronic health records to the cloud for the largest healthcare agency in the country. Cognosante Cloud solutions have also played a pivotal role in bringing innovative project solutions to state health information exchange (HIE) programs.

“It is a critical milestone for us to be recognized by AWS as a key solutions partner who can ensure success across a broad spectrum of public sector cloud engagements. Our customers benefit from our dedication to AWS cloud offerings as we continue to successfully develop, implement, operate, and mature their cloud strategies,” said Erick Peters, Cognosante CTO.

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