National Military Appreciation Month: Supporting Government Missions

In honor of National Military Appreciation Month, we’re proud to feature Cognosante leaders who support military and Veteran missions through the work they do for our customers.

We sat down with Travis Szabo, Cognosante’s Vice President of Growth, Military Health, and a Navy Veteran.  Here he shared his thoughts on our dedication to our military customers’ missions, and to improving the military readiness and overall health of service members and their families.

Travis, what is your background serving in the U.S. military, and how did it prepare you for your work in the civilian world; specifically serving our military and Veteran-focused customers at Cognosante?

I joined the Navy after high school.  I went through the nuclear power program and then was assigned to the USS Chicago (Fast Attack Submarine).  The training I received, both in the classroom and in life, set me up for success.  It taught me to work hard and be the best at what I do. In particular, it gave me an appreciation for complex detail, and the fact that words matter in how you communicate with people. I apply those lessons in every aspect of my civilian life, including how I listen to customers.

As a VP in our Military Veterans Health business unit, can you elaborate on our mission and what makes Cognosante stand out in our ability to support the U.S. military’s missions through the programs we deliver?

We support the National Defense Strategy and Service Military Departments by leading the Military Health System as an integrated, highly-reliable system of medical training, readiness, and health.  We stand out because we not only support the Military Health Service (MHS) and Veterans, but also because we are an employer of choice for Veterans, reservists, and military spouses.  We truly believe that Veterans bring a valued perspective and sense of mission to our organization. We better understand our customers’ needs because many of us have received care through the Military Health System ourselves. We’ve lived many of the experiences that our customers have, which connects us to each other with our shared values.

What are some key programs that we’re currently partnering with our customers to deliver as support services to their constituencies? What impacts are they making?

Cognosante supports the Defense Health Agency mission through some impactful programs.  Our Joint Trauma Analysis and Prevention of Injury in Combat (JTAPIC) program helps prevent injuries before they happen, for example, by analyzing post 9/11 battlefield injuries to improve the Personal Protective Equipment given to soldiers.  Our Knowledge Translation contract helps the DHA Research Directorate by analyzing research that leads to the implementation and proper dissemination of new Clinical Practice Guidelines. Through all of this important and meaningful work, we’re helping improve the readiness and health of service members and their families.

As a leader and a Veteran, what is significant to you about recognizing National Military Appreciation Month?

Such a formal observation each year demonstrates appreciation for the sacrifices that I and other service members have made. It gives me confidence that I have made the right decision to continue supporting those who have served, who are serving, and who will serve in the future.

Cognosante’s mission is to support the health, safety, and well-being of Americans who serve the nation and providing assistance to those who need it most. Learn more about the impact we’re making on the behalf of those who have served, or are currently serving, and their families.



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