Human-centered design + lean principles + agile processes = innovative and effective solutions

Our Approach

Discover – Define – Ideate – Prototype 

JUVO provides an easy, quick, and convenient way to solve customer problems. We become fully immersed in customer experiences and help test and iterate in real-time. We help ensure ideas resonate with customers.

We work backwards. Our process prioritizes the needs of the end user as the north star that guides the creation of innovative solutions. JUVO leverages the Design Thinking Framework to help you quickly define root problems, analyze them, and create innovative solution prototypes – in as little as 1 week.

JUVO unleashes creativity to solve today’s most critical business challenges. We Research, Collaborate, and Test before implementation to minimize budget waste.

Minimize Risk. Maximize Investment.

JUVO disrupts the status quo.   

Optimize service to your constituents using this user-centered approach. JUVO provides the tools needed to test, validate, and quickly implement solutions – making the traditional, lengthy consulting engagement model a thing of the past. 

JUVO is accessible. 

Our modular approach makes seamless integration into any core solution simple for the largest government agency or the nimblest commercial enterprise.

JUVO finishes strong!  

Too many consultants pitch the innovative and new but fall short when it comes to implementation. We provide critical implementation guidance by outlining roles, responsibilities, and level of effort needed to be successful. 

JUVO solves root problems without sacrificing time, compliance or stakeholder support.

JUVO Services


Identify and validate a problem, then work to uncover a solution that meets user needs. Through service blueprints and journey mapping, create and implement a user-centered solution that meets the mark every time. 


Turn your existing idea or solution into a realistic prototype by learning to gather end-user feedback and solution requirements to design and conduct your own project sprints. 


Utilize the entire design thinking methodology, not just parts of it. Learn to research, screen and design solutions that center the user experience in everything you do. 

What People are Saying About JUVO

“JUVO has helped my team turn our big-picture ideas into realistic, actionable plans. We’ve received great feedback from our client on how we are being more proactive. There is a lot of appreciation for ‘thinking outside the box’ when tackling challenges that arise.”

Annie, Senior Delivery Lead

“The JUVO team and process are fun (yes, that’s right, fun!) and engaging and can open your eyes to a creative world of innovative business solutions. The result of our JUVO experience provided us with out-of-the-box resolutions as well as a detailed blueprint for short and long-term implementation goals.”

Katy, Senior Consultant

“JUVO expands your mind and opens you up to new possibilities and ideas for your day-to-day problems. It allows you to deal with a variety of business problems and create effective and viable solutions using creative problem-solving.”

Colin, VA Agent