Clinical Performance

We leverage clinical knowledge translation, delivery system transformation, and clinical decision support. By synthesizing the latest in medical research, disseminating it to the healthcare medical community and integrating it into patient care, we can help government healthcare agencies close the gap between knowledge and clinical practice.

Our support of healthcare transformations in clinical performance includes information diffusion, dissemination, and implementation best practices as well as helping medical centers adopt a patient-safety culture and a commitment to continual improvement. All of this results in faster, safer clinical decisions that improve patient outcomes.


Knowledge Translation (D&I)

Clinical Quality Assessment

High Reliability Organizations

Clinical Decision Support

Creating High-Reliability Organizations

Medical errors and health provider burnout can be serious issues. In fact, 54 percent of U.S. healthcare workers report experiencing burnout, with 47 percent feeling unable to speak freely about patient care concerns. By helping hospital systems build transformational strategies, we can combat burnout and reduce harm to patients due to provider mishaps.

We are building a culture of patient safety through continual data-driven process improvement, a team-oriented approach to care, and a commitment to safety. We help our customers implement HRO principles to achieve the goal of zero preventable harm and to reduce operating costs related to employee turnover.

Translating and Disseminating Critical Health Information

Knowledge translation helps organizations effectively move medical research into clinical practice by identifying gaps in the adoption of best practices and developing a customized program to bridge those gaps. We help organizations raise awareness of and improve adoption of clinical guidelines and increase compliance using evidence-based practices that improve health outcomes for affected populations.

Our approach is iterative, employing a cycle of pilot testing, implementation, and evaluation to ensure our solutions are appropriate and put into practiced effectively.

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